Herbal Amulet - Fennel Seed (Rose Gold)
Herbal Amulet - Fennel Seed (Rose Gold)
Herbal Amulet - Fennel Seed (Rose Gold)

Herbal Amulet - Fennel Seed (Rose Gold)

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Amulets and herbs are at the core of Greek mythology and witchcraft.

Practitioners of Pharmaka called them periapts, which were comprised of bone, wood, crystal, or metal. Some with inscriptions, some with herbs, but always activated by a blessing from the gods and goddesses.

Folk Care's herbal amulets are made from high-quality, hypoallergenic stainless steel with a high polish, smooth finish. The vial is acrylic and waterproof, allowing the herbs to stay dry at all times.

All of the herbs that fill these vials are organic and ethically sourced. They're programmed through energy work to be of maximum potency and potential.

This particular herbal amulet is filled with fennel seeds. Roman soldiers used to eat and adorn themselves with fennel seeds before going into battle. It is believed that fennel seeds bring the energy of courage, confidence, and protection. And who couldn't use a little bit of those vibes?

Fennel seeds also have a great affinity for the digestive tract. Chew 3 - 4 seeds about 15 minutes before eating to aid digestion or ease an unsettled stomach (looking at you empaths out there!)*

Each amulet is handmade and charged at the altar dedicated to my ancestors. It is there that the Goddess is called upon to activate the amulets by way of blessing.

A portion of the profit from each amulet goes toward offerings of thanks to my ancestors and the Goddess for their blessing. I also encourage each person to take a moment to extend genuine gratitude upon receiving their amulet.

There is something so magical about the amazing energy of these herbal amulets.

How connected you become to an herb that hangs at your heart all day. How palpable the vibrations can be when you hold it in your hands. How grounded and attuned to Mother Earth you become when you carry Her with you always.

I can't wait for you to experience it!


General Specs

  • High-quality, 316l stainless steel and acrylic
  • Hypoallergenic, high polish smooth
  • No rust or corrosion and will not change color or tarnish
  • Chain measures 24 inches in length, 2mm in width
  • Vial measures 1.94 inches in height, 0.3 inches in width


*While fennel seeds are very safe, there are super rare cases of fennel seed allergies, so be mindful ingesting if you're trying fennel for the first time.