Do you know where the idea for Folk Care came from? Because, I’d like to tell you.

I've been studying metaphysics, energy, and ritual for 6 years. Steadily doing the work, acquiring training and certifications, allowing myself to be molded and led faithfully in my passion of facilitating magic through healing.

I've studied books, language, psychology, communication, reiki, chakras, religion, and womb work, but I've never felt the way plants make me feel.

From the moment I started my first herbalism program, ideas for herbal wonders flooded me.

Baths, teas, tinctures, tonics, salves, sweets. Each time I met an herb, it’s like it whispered to me all the ways it wanted to be used. But, I was patient. Jotting down ideas. Sourcing herbs. Chopping, grinding, measuring, macerating. Getting to know the plants.

Jars of herbs in limbo between mixture and medicine began to line my home. Bags of herbs piled around my altar space. I slowly created and studied, waiting for the path to clear.

The first herbalism program I ever took changed my life, but in more ways than one. It showed me the craft I’d been longing to remember. But, it also brought me one of the most devastating life events I’ve been through. While I was away, my dad died suddenly.

I was instantly changed. Shifted into a new person with a new passion and a new grief. Both of which I will carry with me for the rest of my life, as one wanes into the other, as the pain lessens and the purpose grows.

In one of the many sleepless nights to follow, I was up late looking online for items to store ashes in. And, I saw the vials I use for my herbal amulets. 
In that moment, they were the most beautiful thing to me. They called to me. I thought, this would be perfect.

Clear as day, I heard a voice say, “Don’t keep me in there. I’m already with you. Fill them with all the other things you love.” Images of herbs and seeds and flowers and roots flashed in my mind.

I spent days researching. Was this even a thing? David Hoffman had talked about salves and teas, tinctures and compresses, but not magical herbal charms. As I read more and more, I felt something click into place.

I learned that herbal amulets have an extensive history within my lineage. Ancient Greeks and Grecian witches used them frequently in their craft. Activated by the same goddess I call upon at my altar. Worn by the same honorable ancestors that guide me.

I ordered a vial right away, selected an herb, and began wearing it. Everywhere I went people were so drawn to it.

“What a beautiful necklace!” “Oh, cute! What’s inside?” “I would love to buy one of those!” “If you ever decided to make them, let me know!” 

Another click, and a process was born.

One full of intention and prayer and trust and knowledge and leaps of faith. One full of the energy of inspiration that activated itself within me and revealed the creations you'll find here in this shop.

Folk Care is the convergence of divinity and destiny.

Born from the labors of ancestral assistance and spirit filled guidance, this is a space where the lore, love, and practice of herbalism, healing, and metaphysics merge to bring ease and healing to others, because some folk still care.



Kursten Hedgis is a jack-of-all-trades, or more appropriately, a queen-of-all-cups, whose nurturing essence is endlessly drawn to all avenues of expressing and liberating the divine feminine.

A roundabout path of studying psych, then communications, and then literature, landed her a front-row seat to witness the wonders of energy work while working at an acupuncture clinic.

From the first time an artfully placed needle stimulated her chi, she was hooked and on a mission to unearth and embrace the deep wisdom the body holds.

She has been led to reiki master attunement, womb blessing goddess training, Chinese Medicine study, and herbalism certifications that have all woven together to manifest the passion project of her life: Folk Care.