Intuitive Guidance + Personalized Plant Support

Intuitive Guidance + Personalized Plant Support

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For those of you that know me, you know I rarely open my intuitive services to the public.

Given this time of deep uncertainty, as fear swells and the need for support expands, I feel called to broaden this offering to all of you.

During my guidance, I access a place of deep spirit connection and traverse various portals of energy.

I go where I am led. I relay what I am shown.

But, more than anything I hold a safe, fortified space for us to open the doors between the worlds together to let guidance stream in from all of the spirits that seek to assist you in your soul's calling.

This service can be done virtually with video, audio, or written transcription, it can be live or recorded, whatever feels best for you. 

It can involve any or all combination of the tools I've acquired over the years, energy work, intuitive assist, pulling of cards, crafting personalized meditations, or simply holding space for you to speak your concerns, desires, and needs into the ethereal ear of the great ones that guide you.

In addition, I will pair an individualized medicinal plant with your current energies to support the integration and moving through those energies. We will discuss this plant together at an introductory level, sharing its folklore, it's magic, and its methods. Together, we will craft a way for you to engage this plant's energy and a protocol for internal use.