Grieving Boldly | Sunday School Podcast


In this class, Kursten Hedgis leaps back into the Sunday School lineup with a bold conversation on a relevant topic that has dominated her life and study for the past year. Grief is one of the few things that we as a society avoid talking about, yet can never avoid experiencing. In a world that forces you to hold your grief close to the chest and keep it quiet, Kursten asks you to show up and stand boldly in the fullness of your grief to embrace the complexity of emotions that come in the wake of heartbreaking loss. Come learn how herbs, mantra, rituals, and stillness can help you invoke cycles of release and resilience while moving through loss.


Kursten Hedgis is a jack-of-all-trades, or more appropriately, a queen-of-all-cups, whose nurturing essence is endlessly drawn to all avenues of expressing and liberating the divine feminine.

She has been led to reiki master attunement, womb blessing goddess training, and herbalism certification that recently have all woven together to manifest the passion project of her life: Folk Care.

Folk Care is the convergence of divinity and destiny. Born from the labors of ancestral assistance and spirit-filled guidance, it is a space where the lore, love, and practice of herbalism, witchcraft, and metaphysics merge to bring ease and healing to others because some folk still care. You can learn more here.