Mindful Herbalism: Plant Meditation and Medicine Making Demo | April 22

| If you missed this live event, check out the recording here! |

Honor Earth Day with something extra special this year! Amid the madness of COVID-19, one blessing is abundantly clear.

This forced pause is allowing our Earth the chance to take a deep breath and heal.

So, let's do the same by learning more about engaging plant medicine with deep reverence and mindfulness.

Join Folk Care + Herbalista on April 22 at 7PM for plant meditations and medicine making.

Kursten Hedgis of Folk Care opens the event with a powerful plant connection meditation that she uses before working with plants and closes with a deeply comforting grounding meditation.

Heather Lacy and Sam Cramer of Herbalista, host a live medicine making demonstration. They walk you through how to make Fire Cider, an age-old remedy filled with anti-microbial and immune-stimulating herbs. 
The best part?

All ingredients can likely be found at your local grocery store, and the recipe can even be modified based on what you already have on hand. After all, there is no greater apothecary than your kitchen!

Make sure to snag a sprig of your favorite herb or plant for the meditation. It can be fresh, dried, from your garden, from your kitchen, or even from your tea collection.


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